My Spiritual Journey


I am a pastor and a spiritual leader . . .
But I don’t belong to one denomination
and have not attended church in years.

Because for me, God and the Church is everywhere.In nature, in our homes, in our friendships, and in our hearts.

Just because you leave one church or religion It does not mean that you have left God. That you have to give it all up …

Traditional church says that you must choose. Asks are you a Christian or Pagan, Atheist or Agnostic, Catholic, Muslim or Buddhist But I believe that God aka the YOUniverse is so much bigger than one church, one religion, one book or set of beliefs.

The human part of us needs labels, structure and ritual. We feel safer when we have something concrete to hold onto, to connect with. Humans put God in a box, with nicely wrapped absolutes.

Living in the “and” allows you to be yourself, and embrace your entire spiritual journey and life experience.

I am an Omnist. I believe there are many paths to God and truth exists in each of those paths …

Everyone is on their own journey and path, and finds and speaks to God in their own way. Spirituality is a round table. One is not better than the other, more true or more right. We are all connected by love, are made in that image, and are reflections of one other.

I believe we are the sun of our experiences. I know and connect with God, the YOUniverse within, as a Christian, as a Catholic, as a Buddhist, as a Pagan, and so much more. My MVPs – my team of guides and angels – include my ancestors, Jesus, Goddess Kuan Yin and more.

We often fear what we do not know or understand.

It creates a life that is closed off  from exploration, curiosity and adventures.  Instead you live in your own bubble …
And life is about “either“ – “or” instead of embracing the “and”.

I am a spiritual mutt. My spiritual journey is diverse.My understanding of God is so much bigger
than an the God I grew up with.

I see and honor the Divine with the “and” instead of the either/or.
We can be both Christian and Wiccan. Both Catholic and Pagan. Jewish and Mystic. Be the atheist who still sings Christmas songs.

When you experience something new  – fall in love with a new culture or tradition, live in a new city, it merges with you and is a part of your present and future life.

For me, it is the same with God. The Divine is much bigger than one Church or faith. God is more than one gender, male or female, god and goddess. Full of diversity and all of who we are, big enough for all our emotions including anger, joy, sadness, and the fullness of death and life.

I learn and grow by allowing all of it be a part of who I am, taking what resonates and speaks to me and leaving the rest behind.

I am grateful. I am thankful. I say Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Blessed Be and Namaste. The Divine in me honors the Divine in you.

Life has so many more possibilities when you live in the “and”.

You can be Christian and LGBTQ+You can be pro-choice and believe in the sanctity of life.God can be both masculine and feminine. You can be disabled or special needs and be perfectly whole.

What if instead of trying to convince people, To covert people, to talk like you, think like you, believe like you …

What if we all practiced radical acceptance? Come just as you are  Unconditional love …

What if we celebrated the diversity of the YOUniverse. Honored each other. Saw the divine in everyone.

I am so glad my spiritual journey has led me here where I can say Namaste, Which means, “I bow to you” …

My soul honors your soul I honor the place in you where the entire YOUniverse resides. I honor the love, light, beauty, truth, peace  that is within you because it is also within me. When you are in that place in you,
And I am in that place in me,We are One.

You don’t have to believe in the same way I do,
but I do hope we can all learn to live more in the “and” of life.