I Am An Artist

I am an artist.
There I said it.

Growing up, I was not the artist.

My mom was the artist.

She was the one who painted. She started with oil paintings and eventually moved to drawings and watercolors.

She never taught me anything about how to draw or paint, or even color.

I couldn’t draw or cut a straight line.
I had “dexterity issues” with fine motor movements,
due to my cerebral palsy of course.

No one expected me to be an athlete or an artist.

I was the writer. I was the one who was good at English and hated math. I was the one who helped my dad with business letters.

My brother was the artist.

He could draw. He could sketch. He got the talent from my mom, they said.

So when I started knitting in my 20s, my mom was surprised that I could do it so well.

But she didn’t see me as an artist.
Knitting was seen as a “hobby.”

I am an artist.

There I said it again.

So did my primary care physician when she said, “Well, it makes sense that creative artist who loves to help people may not be the right fit at that last job …”

So did my friend who said in a social media comment,
“You found your calling.”

My hands are artist’s hands.

Messy with clay, paint, powders …
Stuck underneath my fingernails.

I still can’t cut or draw a straight line.
Or draw much of anything.

But I am an artist. I am a creator. And so are you.

I am a disabled entrepreneur and business woman with a creative soul.

The clay and crystal Goddesses I make are my art. They are part of my mission in life.

My name is Kimberly Kwon.
Owner, Artist and Creative Soul at www.sheisagoddess.com

We all have a Goddess within us. I believe we are made with both masculine and feminine energies. The Goddesses help all of us own our power, straighten our crown, be true to ourselves and embrace all of who we are.

The artist in me honors the artist in you.

Keep Calm and Be a Goddess.